White Meat

From the French-speaking Pirates of the Carribbean comes the word barbecue, the roots of which translate roughly as “from beard to tail.” It’s a reference to the pork feasts that were common in the region, and connotes the share of the pig that’s fit for consumption.

And this is just what our neighborhood did yesterday—consumed a pig, that is. The occasion was the Third Annual Andover Pig Roast, an event begun by a then-newcomer to the block, in an attempt to bring everyone together. It must be working, since I now know more of and about my neighbors than I ever did in the previous 14 years of living here.

If you’re a vegetarian, the whole thing probably sounds pretty barbaric, and you might very well be right. I could take or leave the part about the pig. It could be pizza and beer, or banana-cream pies, or whatever. As long as there’s still a reason to have a big party, I’m there.