Black Day For Apple

Last Saturday, June 25, marked the premiere of one of Apple’s newest computer stores, in Woodland Mall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Eight hundred or more people turned out, beginning well before 8am, for the scheduled 10am opening.

As one of the smaller facilities in the chain, the store could accommodate no more than about 100 people or so at a time. Fortunately, I was in the first wave allowed inside, even though I hadn’t arrived to join the growing line until about 8:30.

Neither Apple nor the mall provided any Disney-style entertainment to keep the well-behaved crowd moving or thinking or doing something while we waited, unless you count the attempts by Apple employees to rouse a cheer from the group.

It was not my first visit to an Apple store, but it was my first opening. While I wish I could’ve seen more merchandise up-close this time, it seemed a better idea to return when there would be a little more elbow room. So I bought my small iPod accessory, grabbed my free t-shirt, and left.

And that brings me to the reason for this post’s title: the shirt made a noticeable statement at work today (we’re not an Apple office, iykwim), with it’s simple white Apple logo next to a half-inch-high “Woodland.” It’s very subdued, very tasteful, very fashionable—and very black.