The Envelope, Please…

You know how, at the Oscars™, so much drama centers around opening that envelope? Or how a large part of the experience at a fancy restaurant is in how the food is laid out on the plate?

Apple takes a similar approach—make that delight—in their packaging, as any iPod customer could tell you. Now comes the box that the free t-shirt came in. While everyone else is now packaging t-shirts in that wrinkle-inducing shrink-wrap, Apple is different.

This 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5-inch box is sealed at just one point on one end, and it looks as if it could open on any of the sides. But it doesn’t. Break the tape, and unfold the box, origami-style, to get to the contents. Remove the rolled-up t-shirt, thankfully free of wrinkles or chemical odor. Now what you’re left with looks like a take-out food container from your favorite Chinese restaurant. Completely unfolded, it’s a one-piece circle, with a discreetly-singular Apple logo printed on what was the inside bottom.

It’s such a work of art, I’m reluctant to throw it away.