Omelette In a Bag

Someone passed along this great technique, which I now share with you:

Get some quart-size freezer bags, with the press-to-seal tops. Boil a pot of water large enough to hold one bag per person in your group. Have everyone label a bag. Break 2 eggs (or 3, I supppose) into each bag, seal, and shake to break up the yolk. Open and toss in favorite ingredients—diced ham, bits of tomato, shredded cheese, mushrooms, whatever. Seal (try to keep most of the excess air out), shake again, then put all of them into the pot. Boil for 13 minutes. Remove from water, open, gently shake omelette onto waiting plate.

It comes out in one piece, believe it or not. It’s moist, never dry. All omelettes are ready at the same time (great for large groups). Cleanup is a cinch.

One thought on “Omelette In a Bag”

  1. Me being the only person who can burn a cup of tea i have to say that is th best omelette i have ever tasted, and i can do it when i get back from the bar, brilliant<BR/>Ste England.

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